Biblioteca Daegu Gosan a Corea, 2012

Biblioteca Pública a Daegu Gosan, Corea, 2012.

1_DESIGN CONCEPT AND PURPOSE A Library as a knowledge information / education / cultural / leisure / amenities center. The project approach of the new library is based on the relationships established between two different areas: Express the structure of a building system that puts the light consistency of the solutions adopted to implement building material: Simplicity, few materials, ease of construction, minimizing maintenance. 2_ARCHITECTURAL PLANNING 2.1 Architectural expression of the design concept / Consistency of the space composition A vertical volume as a front to the city: The facade is not only a facade, is a bridge between the library and the city. Of all the things that can contain or display a facade is chosen as evocative: books. The facade is actually a shelf and is easy to imagine what happens inside the building. The facade full of books offers the look of the interior of the library to the street It's a facade like a showcase. In our view the entire shelf and the books as a starting material captures the most important: accumulation, variety and order The Library is shown out and the city and the buildings become part of what the Library contains. The library clarifies the blurring of the boundary between the interior and exterior through the glass surface which closes the volume of the hall. The hall is therefore a vertical volume which accumulate in height as a stock books that are saved and preparing to move to areas of reading room and general room Collection. This volume is defined by four levels: Access Level +0,00, Level of preparation room+2,50, level of lifelong study room +15,30 (+18,10) and level of multipurpose room +21,10: are isolated from other program areas such as areas of general collection room, reading room. and children room , and its façade opens to the south facing as a photovoltaic facade while providing the magnificent distant views A horizontal volume below ground: It is considered important to maintain essentially the green zone where we have to build the new building: To conserve and adapt the landscaped green space for the enjoyment of all city residents Therefore, the general reading room, periodicals room, children room, and the digital living room are located on the same level: One floor below ground level and open onto a courtyard with a generous area of 18 mx 27 m ensures a separate space for reading and satisfactory natural light for all these uses. The courtyard is the library landscape: the courtyard becomes interior space and the interior becomes exterior Below the user open space area is projected office and maintenance area space: the yard slopes gently to provide this level of quality space as if it were a higher level. 2.2 Innovative architectural concept /Material and detail composition The Library is projected as the minimum amount of constructive solutions to prevent or minimize the risk of complications later. Do not use materials with little experience or complex shapes in architectural design. We propose to use materials that have been experienced and have good quality, resistant, not susceptible to degradation because of the manipulation. The interior layout is planned with dry mounting solutions and multilayer elements which allow the process of deconstructing an easier classification: therefore there is a greater recovery as waste.